be fruitful and multiply… but not now

Fifty-four pregnant girls and 200 students on drugs have been uncovered in Lagos public secondary schools after a survey, carried out by the office of Youth and Social Development, an arm of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development.

The statistics revealed that 54 pregnant girls were counselled by the school social services of the office in the last one year out of the 378 schools visited. Out of the 54 pregnant girl students counselled, 18 of them with serious depression were brought under supervision of the social welfare service.

Also, 200 cases of drug abuse were uncovered, while the students involved were counselled and 61 of them placed under supervision, 2,095 students involved in truancy were also counselled among the students, with 213 students placed under supervision.

The statistics further revealed 427 cases of gangsterism among students and placed 73 of such students under supervision, while 461 students were counselled on sex education, with 103 students placed under supervision.

Also, 154 cases of sexual assault were uncovered and the victims were counselled, while 27 of such affected students were placed under supervision. 91 victims of physical abuse were counselled, with 27 placed under supervision.
The department also counselled 102 students who absconded with 50 of such students placed under supervision.

The implications of this statistics are horrible to even consider and begs the question: “how did they lose their way, so early in life?”