the wheels on the bus

Who’s the kindly old lady in the bus?… and what makes her picture chilada worthy?
Look closer…
A little closer…
Still don’t get it? Okay; hint- the guy beside her is the Duke of Edinburgh!!!
Oh my… That would mean…
Yes- its the Queen of England… taking public transport… and I promise, this is no ‘olympic 007 body double stunt’

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II together with the Duke, first boarded a scheduled train to Cambridge before getting on the single decker bus to travel through the city.

The royal gesture delighted the locals to no end… And to further prove how just like everyone else the queen is, the bus arrived it’s destination 15 minutes behind schedule but being the Queen, she was just on time to open a £212million lab for a leading medical research institute.

This is a wake up call to our politicians who are so used to 16 car motorcades, helicopter escorts, sub-marine detail, blah blah blah… If the ruler of the world’s biggest monarchy can ride public then maybe you guys too should have a slice of humble ‘enchilada’ and do the same…(If una get the liver (•͡.̮ ~͡ )

Its champions league people- go Dortmund.