wicked disciplinarian

God, in his holy book said:
“spare the rod, and spoil the child”…
This woman took the concept a step further; she took the rod, put it in fire and spoilt the child’s face.
Mrs Sakirat Attah, a 25 year old petty trader residing in Abijo village in Ibeju Lekki was arrested by the police at Elemoro Division, for severely scalding her son’s face.
She committed the dastardly act under the guise of punishing him for stealing a neighbour’s soup. The woman was said to have dragged the boy into her room and locked the door. She allegedly lit her stove and put an iron spoon on to get it hot. After which she proceeded to burn her son’s face and hands.
It was also gathered that she broke a bottle and stabbed him in the head before neighbours could rescue him.
During interrogation, the boy admitted licking the soup because he was hungry since his mother didn’t provide food early enough for him. After investigation, she was charged to Igbosere Magistrate court, Lagos on a one count charge of assaulting a minor, causing bodily harm. The defendant pleaded not guilty and was admitted on bail of N100,000 and two sureties. The case has been adjourned till the 27th of June.
Anyone interested in standing as surety for her should signify so we can arrange for you to be locked up alongside her. That is all.