Domestic Justice

A chinese woman has been forced to met her own brand of justice to her mentally deranged son by locking him up in a cage for past eleven years. 74 year old Wang Muxiang, mother of Wu Yuanhong had to resort to this course of action after he murdered a teenage boy in their village of Ruichang in Jiangxi Province while suffering an episode of ‘psychosis’.

He also beat a 13 year old to death in 2001 but wasn’t held by authorities due to his mental illness. The sad mother built the cage which held her son for over a decade by herself because no one agreed to help her for fear of the explosive Wu. Wang said:

‘I wielded the cage while crying heavily. Although he suffers from mental illness and killed a person, he still is my son. Thinking I was making a cage to lock him in, my heart was broken.’

Was the woman cruel to have done that or vindicated on the account of her son’s violent disposition?

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