…I wanna take a sexy leak…

I have seen marketing strategies in my time on this green planet. Different gimmicks employed by business owners to further the cause of their establishment.

However, none have stood out like that of a french restaurant named “The Ananas Bar and Restaurant” in Sydney. They installed two weird úrinals to attract attention. The úrinals were designed to look like a woman’s moúth with red lips.

The restaurant owner said: “The bright red-lipped úrinals shaped like an open mouth was a commonly used European design piece from female Dutch artist Meike Van Schijndel.”
Women repeatedly asked for permission to go in to take photos of the úrinals. But feminist, former political adviser and writer, Anne Summers, was not impressed with the úrinals. She called the design offensive. She demanded the restaurant owner remove the red-lipped úrinals.

The owner of the recently opened restaurant did not want the negative attention from feminists, so they agreed to remove the úrinals and apologized for anyone it may have offended. “We sincerely apologize if they have offended anyone. They are being removed today,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

I don’t know about you all, but I think the urinals were a great idea. A wonderful way to get a good laugh while emptying your bladder at the same time… People should stop being too uptight all the time. I say to anyone who. May feel offended by this- “get a sense of humour, it will colour your terribly drab life!!!”

Now I gotta pee


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