condom carrying preacher lynched

It’s not an odd sight in Lagos, when you see a crowd coming together to deliver a good ol’ beat down on one person. In times like that, you can safely assume that the person being beaten is a thief who has reached the end of the line.

Well, the story behind the mass beating given to a man on saturday morning, at Toyota Bus stop, in front of the popular Ladipo Spare parts market was a little different. According to eye witnesses, he was a bus preacher who incurred the wrath of the mob when condoms fell out of his bible as he preached the word of God.

According to information made available to my source, the Pastor had embarked on his journey from Apapa and proceeded to preach to the people on the bus, using very strong words like “If you wear trouser you’ll go to hell! The Devil invented Make up! Weave-on is from Marine Kingdom! If you have pre-marital sex you will burn in hell and your skin will peel!”

The funny thing is, people started to fall under the anointing.According to an eye witness, Mr. John Mbakogu, who was on his way to his shop at Ladipo, “People were just falling as he was laying hands. One man almost fell out of the bus under the influence of the Spirit. It was amazing until he raised his hands to cast the demons out of one girl, and 2 Durex condoms fell out”

It was at this point that some of the passengers who, no doubt had been feeling guilty as a result of his earlier holy onslaught, gathered round him and gave him the beating of his life. To save himself, the preacher started shouting: ‘safe sex….I preach safe sex… Safe sex is good’

However, Policemen had to be called to the scene to save the pastors life but not before he had almost reached a comatose state. So far 2 arrests have been made, and the Condoms have been kept as evidence.

Good morning crazies.


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