hetching and sketching

get wowed

get wowed

Pissed off is how I feel as I spew this single word of hostility from my mouth– DAMN.
Good morning crazies, hope y’all having fantastic weekends!!! If so, glory be to God in the highest (who remembers when our letters always started like this?)–back to the matter…why am I pissed? who am I pissed at?

Its the society. Not only does she discriminate against those who dare to be different, now she’s trying to stifle them while they are yet tendrils.—–»The piece you see at the top was created by a student. A 15 year old female student. Her canvas was an old drawing book, her brush; a 2b pencil, her studio was her dark bedroom illuminated only by her imaginative spark and her torch light phone.

She works under these awful conditions because she has been forbidden to put pencil to paper ever again.
-They say its distracting her from her school work… If you ask me, I’d say school work is distracting her from her craft.
-They say its a man’s job and I reply, Elect elect is even more of a man’s job.
-They say artists are not appreciated, I say we can get engineers a dozen for a dime(no offence Kalenz) but how many female picassos has the world seen?

I’m not here to point names or name fingers…(I get confused when angry) I won’t even bore you with a lengthy tirade venting the spleen of my angst. Let these pictures speak. Each one tells a thousand stories.

This post is dedicated to the young non-conformers out there who are being told their gift is just a hobby, a distraction or a waste of time…


6 thoughts on “hetching and sketching

  1. Tis a pity dat our society has bluntly rfusd 2 apreciate d phrase ‘ variety’s d spice of life’.wel, wit Ugo n his bunch of ‘crazies’,they’l c d ‘lyt’-Dfinitely-cos dey dont stand a chance…kudos girly!

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