PS.- shit is the word

‘…that awkward moment when you don’t know what to say to the friend you haven’t seen in a while…’ That’s what I’m experiencing now. Its been so long and there are only so many ‘how’ questions;
-how have you guys been?
-How are your families?
-How is school,work,girlfriend,boyfriend,pet,home etc?
-How are your parents doi- wait, that’s been covered under family…. AWKWARD.

I really am sorry for being quiet so long. I’m here now so we can continue right where we left off… bums and dumpsters…—–»… As I fell down to the ground, I heard the unmistakable ‘chop chop chop’ of helicopter blades… I felt a warm wetness on my… PSYCH ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ ….
Gotcha!!! We won’t conclude our story- at least not today…I know you all want to kill me but a little suspense has never hurt anyone-patience. Let’s digress a little… Forgive me for the prank. I’m not really sorry… (˘̯˘ )

Ok, ok… I’m sorry I’m sorry. Oya come back let’s talk… about control. (•͡.̮ ~͡ )

What’s the most difficult thing in the world to master? Is it horse riding? the guitar? Tai kwon do? women?
In my opinion, all these are relatively easy. For a real test of will, try mastering yourself.

Self control- A cliche on our lips, conspicuously absent in our lives. It is the ability to exercise restraint over one’s desires, impulses and emotions.

Humans, naturally are hedonistic, always gravitating towards the path of most pleasure, most gain and least resistance.

It takes great strength of character to say ‘NO’ and ‘ENOUGH’ to yourself. Lack of that strength is lack of self control and it’s for this reason that world has gone to- (I don’t wanna use swear words so…)- faeces;
– Corruption is rampant because we can’t control our desire for material possession.
-Terror is the order because we can’t control our hate and anger.
-STDs, teenage pregnancy and bla bla are on the up and up because we can’t control our carnal inclination for sexual gratification- ‘body noh be firewood na’

Achieving mastery over your self is not going to be easy…’Me sef wey dey tok,I never control myself finish…’ At least I understand that its very important. Even the bible, in the book of Proverbs called a man without control a ‘city with broken walls’

It won’t happen overnight. Baby steps would take you there. Simple resolutions…resolutions like;
*Do not let your ERECTION give you DIRECTION, its not a ‘trafficator’.
*put the SPOON down, you are not on a ‘SEE FOOD’ diet.
*Surprise your LIVER, drink water instead.
*don’t do it because they did it. DO YOU, BE YOU, BE YOUnique.

Self control opens doors to other virtues; wisdom,humility,faith,honesty,patriotism all ride on the coattails of control. So people,its high time you make a conscious decision to conquer yourselves cus only when you’ve done that, can you go about conquering the world.

P.S.- shit is the word I didn’t want to say!!!


4 thoughts on “PS.- shit is the word

  1. haha…..*Do not let your ERECTION give you DIRECTION, its not a ‘trafficator’.. now that’s my fave line!
    nahh its a pointer.. LMAO!
    “the word Shit”‘s good bro! (Y)

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