smell the roses

My beeeetiful peeepu!!! I hail una o. I promise this will be a very short post. I just thought it will be nice for us to have one last meeting before we cross into the new year. The dying year was so eventful- talk about;
The birth/adoption/surrogation of Ivy Blue Carter
The death of whitney
The winter olympics
The blue champions league triumph
The Aluu four —–»The re-election of Obeezy
The Avengers ……
Oh and do not forget….
The end of the world(that happened like three times)

Thankfully we are still here, maybe the rouge planet was detracted from its collision course or the ALMIGHTY just had mercy on us…. Whatever it was, I woke up on the thirteenth with an epiphany- Joie de vivre!

Don’t get your hats in a twist people, ‘Joie de vivre’ is a french phrase that is used to express a cheerful enjoyment of life… What if the Mayan calender had been right and the world had been lost to flame and fire?
What becomes of those who spent their lives acquiring ‘stuff’ for their future?
What about the man who kept on putting off his vacation just to get that extra dollar?
These questions made me realize that we sometimes take life far too seriously. True life is serious business, with more problems than anyone would care to count. Days might come when you feel like time has numbered your days and the universe has bobby-trapped them…but these are the days when you should sit back and appreciate the little things.
Many have said ‘money is the root of all evil’, others have opined that the lack of money is… some still, are going through life with the fear of the lack of money being the root of evils. These people, in the bid to make a living for themselves have forgotten the act of actually living.
I believe that once in a while, we should forget about the hope of tomorrow or the story of yesterday and just focus on the appreciation of TODAY-its the only thing we are sure about.
We need to realize that life is fickle and can end faster than you can say ‘don’t shoot!’….short version…. Life is good-enjoy it.
Remember the importance of love and friendship and family and those other seemingly unimportant things that keep you grounded. Its true that life is not a bed of roses but that doesn’t mean once in a while you can’t slow down, bend down and smell the roses.

I know I promised a short post- so I will stop here. Make a resolution to enjoy 2013. Happy new year to all you crazies. I love you and don’t forget – Joie de vivre.


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