‘fred frank over your shirt’

TOOT TOOT…. ‘All aboard’
This is not the London Undergroud Train, neither is it the japanese bullet. It’s not even the Hogwart’s express…. This is the over crowded,ordinary and drab band-wagon…
Population- everybody else.
Speed-very fast.
Destination-nowhere. —–»Before I go into my rant for today, I would like to welcome all my faithful crazies. Sorry for the lengthy period of silence. I was temporarily suffering from sanity- not to worry, I’m back to full ‘lunacy’ now. Thanks for the concern. In my period of leave, a lot of water passed under the bridge- in fact self, the bridge don collapse,pass under another bridge. I explored new horizons,gained new experiences and learnt a great deal from them. I won’t go into details but it should suffice to say that I went, I saw and well, erm I grew(conquering is overrated really)….

Apart from that, other events took place.most notable amongst them was the manchester derby where United thought their noisy City neighbours that football can’t be summarized into pounds and Euros. It was a derby that had everything- fisticuffs,moments of brilliance and even ugly scenes where Rio Ferdinand had his face injured(talk about sore losers) and off course there was Balotelli in the middle of it all. As I watched the Italian lad fumble through the match, I recalled the last derby at old trafford where he was on fire and I kinda pitied him for the floundering act he was putting up this time around… then I recalled how he lifted his shirt to reveal the cryptic message ‘Why Always Me’ and all my pity vanished… Tsk tsk- why always me, as if he’s that special- wait, that statement is actually the inspiration for today’s discuss… This is how it happened.

I’m sure many of you know these Balotelli inspired merchandise,some of you even own them- WHY ALWAYS ME tee-shirts,bags,facecaps even shoes. The thing is, at a point, it seemed everybody was wearing them,I began to get sick of them, I began to wonder where our sense of individuality had gone, why have we become like zombies-mindlessly keeping up with the trends and never caring to set them? I remember walking on the road one day and seeing like twelve ‘my money grows like grass’ shirts in the space of seven minutes. I remember thinking to myself ‘I will shoot the next person I see wearing this shirt’…. Well the bike man that carried me was wearing one!!! So I did what had to be done-since I didn’t own a gun, I picked up my pen and started writing.

Most youths today are nothing more than flotsam being pulled this way and that by the ever changing tides of trends- fashion,culture,entertainment even academics… We are now content to just fashion our lives according to the dictates of the trend setters and this sometimes lead to some disastrous if not hilarious outcomes-like the other day, I saw a bow legged midget spotting a pair of carrot jeans!!! The image still brings tears to my eyes.
I’m not preaching rebellion neither am I saying its not good to know what’s in vougue. I’m just trying to advice that once in a while we pull back and think of ways to be originators instead of just imitators. Youths should not be content in basking in shadow of the niches carved out by others, we should try to strike out and let the world hear our voice too-not as part of a choir but as a as a soloist. Its true that you will probably be safe just keeping up with the joneses but I believe becoming your own person would be more fulfilling. Everybody has influences- let them remain just that and not become your whole life. Its not a must you become ‘lady Gaga’ kind of different o. I’m just saying that you should all find out what makes you unique and hold on to it because that’s what makes you special. It doesn’t always hurt to stand outside the crowd. It doesn’t make you weird it just means you are OUTSTANDING.

So, there’s my piece for today. STAND OUT, STAND TALL. Discard the ‘why always me’ and embrace ‘This is me’… Learn to bask in the wonder that is you. Ride in style in the Bentley phantom of your individuality. Don’t struggle for space on the loud band wagon- it’s going nowhere fast. Don’t just be part of a movement, become a movement… Let people copy you (I can’t tell you how cool I felt when the ‘fred frank over your shirt’ look started catching on-shut up Dalu).
There you have it crazies… The year is coming to a close, let’s make a pact with 2013 to be innovators… Because if I come up with my new idea and you come with yours and Helen comes with hers and Jake shows up with his, then by God!!! the future… our future will be bright. Cheerio for now, I need to learn this Alingo dance (wait, not because everyone is doing it, I just happen to think its very cool)


7 thoughts on “‘fred frank over your shirt’

  1. Really excellent stuff this is. In all honesty, I’m totally sick and tired of that ‘my money grows like grass’ branded shirt, I think whoever designs it should try and come up with something more creative!!…..smh!!! Thing is, we all need to be outstanding in our choices, decisions, sense of style and creativity. With that in place, the world would be a trully unique place to be!!!

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