oh yeah….! suck on this.

Hello crazies, (that’s what I’d call my visitors from now on) hope y’all having a wonderful weekend. I don’t really have gis… Hey! I have a new hero/role model. Guess who he is…….. Abraham Lincoln- yeah yeah, I know he’s every body’s hero…16th US president, father of a nation blah blah blah. While I’ve always admired that Abe Lincoln for obvious reasons, I always pictured him as a boring lawyer turned politician then president… Then, I watched a movie, title? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter… —–»BAM! Gone was the grim looking,cane twirling,bearded son of a woodsman and in his place? A ripped, swashbuckling, axe wielding demon hunter! Wow! he even came with wise cracks- he was like ‘take that… And that…and and and suck my blood… Oh yeah? Suck on this’ he was so cool. He even had a sidekick… Or two. Talk about ‘political Van Helsing’… Too bad vampire hunter Abe died in the same manner as regular Abe. Still, big ups to Seth Grahame-Smith for recreating this incredible man’s story and to Timur Bekmambetov for bringing that story to life on the silver screen.

Impressive though his vampire hunting skills may be, I’d still draw from one of his more mundane traits. I’m talking off course about his resilience. Here was a man who failed more times than any man should have to bear. He was knocked down so many times but he always came up SWINGING (haha get it?swinging, you know,cus of the ax…off course you get it). His story is a popular reference these days and I’d use it too. Whenever you feel like the universe is screaming at you,telling you to roll over and die, just remember a man who was beaten down so low he wasn’t even credit worthy…remember how that man lost countless elections into different offices,remember how he lost the people closest to him,then remember how that man became probably the most loved president in United states history and led the nation through one of it’s most trying times,remember Abraham Lincoln. Also remember how he wrapped the silver chain round his fist and put his hand through that vampire king’s chest-so cool. Whew….

Ok, the Abe story inspired me so much that I reached deep within me and pulled nothing out, so I settled for re using a poem I’d written before.Enjoy the poem, I’d leave you all with it.Now,back to pretending I hear what my house mate is saying (she’s trying to dissuade me from getting an axe) Bye.

LISTEN(Gaea’s voice)

‘This wasn’t the plan’ is the sorrowful soliloqy…listless eyes, sagging

shoulders, worn shoes have become the eulogy of a graduate. Hopes and

ambition long given way to fear and desperation.

He prays for a chance to settle for less…to conjour some order from the

chaotic mess… But the universe is unforgiving, not content in backing a

man up against the wall but hell bent on pushing him through.

He wonders ‘where to go hither’ as he approaches the end of his thether.

What’s next after rock bottom?desperate measures for desperate situations…The darkness of the ‘underworld’ calling, idle hands devil workshopping… His mind is made up, resolve is strengthened. To hell with

playing by the rules…Only the fittest rule.

…Thunder rumbles as the clouds threaten to lose their content…’oh great’ with sarcasm he mutters…’wait a moment’ a soft voice utters…

“….feel the gentle breeze on your face as the sweet smell of lillies filter

up your nostrils…funny thing about those lillies scattered around in the

fields waving aimlessly in the wind…

The sight of their natural glory

Is evidence of an untold story

For they toil not,night,noon or morn

Still they’re crowned with splendour like Solomon.

So before giving up and fading to the blackness,letting go and accepting

the future’s bleakness…

Stop for a minute and appreciate nature’s message;

For every creature there is a design

A destiny to be fulfilled in time

if only you can

listen to the voice of the mountain

appreciate the art of the wind

taste the sweetness of the sun’s fruit and take solace in GAEA’s



12 thoughts on “oh yeah….! suck on this.

  1. I haven’t cin d movie, but ama try n c it afta al dis ur mani description!!!! I jus can’t get enuf of d song we are young by fun n some nyts! Love d lyrics*bigsmile* glee perfomance of we are young blew mi!

  2. Then, I watched a movie, title? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter… I’ve been postponing watching that movie for over 6 months. It’s the next movie I’ll watch now thanks to you…… Your poem will inspire jobless graduates around the world and many more, especially in this period of financial downturn…. Great work… again 🙂

  3. This is so niceee!! Laughed at the beginning….(Suck on this…lol)……the poem is quite tru and touchin too…..Nice work Quix…..I’m def. sharing……

  4. Lol, nice! Like d part “the Abe story inspired me so much that I reached deep within me and pulled nothing out”….. Cool

  5. I have met people and I have met Ugo. I’ve met brains and I’ve met Ugo. Always standing out and always unique. Really nice big bro

  6. *sucking on you*..ERR ur blood does taste good Ugo.. bet its the one TRUE BLOOD! lool…
    true.. Spoiler Alert!!!! (Y)

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