PLEASE! stop the banging…

Aww… aww…. Arrgh. Where am I?wh…ho…where’s everybody?why is my head poundi..awww! How did I get this bump? Last I remember is starting the story about my secondary sch… Wait a minute,did u guys do this,did you knock me out cus I was talking too much? Geez,guys I said put a foot in my mouth not give me a horn… Oh! I see some of you left comments…thanks, I really… Woah,it feels like the springboks are playing the golden arrows in my head… —–»and I know say e no go pass Davidplies and Kingdavid(shet,una don make me speak pidgin now,na tush I been wan form thruout)…guys Its not my fault there’s an upheaval in Unibuja right now so don’t take it out on me, blame the engineering students for rioting and putting a halt to your exams,or maybe its the VC and his empty promises that should be held accountable. You might as well throw your stones at the government for the deplorable state of the academic sector…IN FACT,let’s make this today’s official discuss… who should be blamed?
Alright, we have a heading, who should be blamed for the state of education in Nigeria. We would use the ish in UNIABUJA as focus point… This is the situation, for y’all who don’t knw. It turns out the school isn’t accredited to run a number of courses; Engineering, Medicine, Vet medicine and Agriculture I think… With this fact fully in mind? The school authority went ahead and admitted students into these faculties… Now, a couple of years down the road, some of previously admitted students are in their final year after scaling countless hurdles. This is where things get dicey;
School gets inspected
Inspectors aren’t impressed
Matters arising
Meetings held
Fate of students in d balance
First protest by students
Washing of students by VC
Normalcy is restored(wash)
Final exams approaching
No lectures for those students
Exams starts
Murmurs building
Wild protests
School shut down till further notice! Bye bye…that’s how it happened…or close to how it happened… So, who is to be blamed?
I’d start by saying, definitely not the students. There’s no way I’d spend five years in the heat of gwags, then when I’m looking at the light at the end of the tunnel,you tell me I can’t go out cus the train I boarded isn’t fully certified. Off course I’d go a little haywire. Actually I’d go ballistic, as in nuclear bomb ‘I don’t care who gets hurt’ kind of crazy… Nope, I don’t blame the students at all…the blame lies with one of the other parties…What I would do is listen to opinions on the streets…not tonight, cus my head-still aching. I’m speaking to the marching band in my head right now; ‘GUYS! Please stop the banging’… So till tomorrow when we review what I can gather from the street…stay safe,play safe,be happy,errm…you have just had a mouthful…this is me signing off…use a cond….obviously I’m still working on a cool signature sign off phra…. HASTA LA VISTA AMIGOS…no that’s just lame… Love you all- no homo, no discrimination too…oh now I understand the need to hit my head…I’m still learning.


7 thoughts on “PLEASE! stop the banging…

  1. Quix @ it again, really nice piece, av got a few suggestions for a signature, I kno dey r not so nice but just take a look at dem
    Hasta manana
    A dopo!
    Hasta luego
    Che piacere vederti
    Que te culdes… I think Ya me despido befor I start to bore you, looking 4ward to ur next rite up
    Continua cosi

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