Introduction… or something like it

Erm, thank you all for coming, you may have your seats(uhm,sorry, mistake…except if you thought it was funny then its a joke…haha)…this is my blog and erm…(My hope for a mind blowing first post has just gone up in flames right?)… Oh well, I might as well go for broke. I think I’m supposed to introduce myself, my blog and what its about with this first post so, wait; the thing is, I’m still on my journey of self discovery…I haven’t even gone very far so I don’t know myself that well. I have always wanted a blog cus I feel like I have so many things to get off my chest(apart from hair) and now that I have one, I don’t even know what I’m doing or how to start
First off,this blogsite was supposed to be called thewholeenchilada…but that name was already taken so I had to improvise. Two,the blog is not about food though it might be discussed at some point. The name just reflects the fact that there’s no box in this blog that limits our thinking. Anything about everything can be discussed and nothing about anything is off limits(punch it Balam). I like to think outside the aforementioned box so you can be sure every visit you pay me would be an event… —–»I just like to have fun, I like to be around fun,I like to see peeps having fun-speaking about fun,how cool is the song ‘we are young’… Really love that track;message and all..except the video was a bit violent, what’s up with that? I still don’t get the concept. What was I talkin about before this…err. Damn! That’s my problem, I start to talk,I really get into it,before I know it I’m rambling about something else,then someone has to get my foot outta my mouth… I’ve never really understood that statement ‘get my foot outta my mouth’ to make me stop blabbing right? The thing is, won’t putting a foot in my mouth be more effective if shutting me up is the goal?….. I’m blabbing again aint I?I am sure many people would like to put a foot IN my mouth right now.
This is why people around I know call me crazy but they are not mistaken…though I prefer the term eccentric. I think I’ve said a mouthful. So you have all seen what’s not the story of my life and have a fair idea of who I’m not. I think we’ll all get along wonderfully. Thanks for actually reading this to the end(it must have been hard) here is free recharge card for persevering- 1850 64 oops,my dog just ate the paper… Seriously,True story, it actually reminds me of an event that took place during my secondary school days. This is what happened, I…..


21 thoughts on “Introduction… or something like it

  1. Lool. Ugo u never fail to disappoint.. This is one of the most misdirectional but yet one of the funniest intro to a blog I’ve come across. Great sense of humour

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